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07-May-2020 19:11

I haven't had a problem with being non op when it comes to dating and the men I've dated have never had a problem with my identity going public.

In fact, they're willing to tell their friends and family about it while I'm not.

Hi all, so I'm preeop and soon to get surgery (I think)...

I've never had a bf but have had a bunch sexual partners.

I haven't dated a man who is ashamed of who/what I am. When I was young 20 and when I was 23, I've dated two men who wanted to get married. For me marriage is a trap hehe but it was validating to know that men who were very financially stable and good looking wanted to marry me.

Needless to say, me telling them my distaste in marriage, and then being young and wanted to have more fun soured those relationships. It's nice to know that they're are guys out there interested in LTRs with pre/non-op women. I'm better than any ol' fusty cis dude anyway.

Now when you're preop, you can get away with being 5/10 because you have that uniqueness that is not as common in cis women.

Yes to a lot of men, they want you for the sexual novelty but the same amount or maybe more wants you for being unique and interesting something that a marriage or LTR would need to survive.

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rich men dating younger women

When I was dating, I think honestly being post-op did help, though it's hard for me to make a direct comparison.She considers a guy a chaser once it becomes obvious there is " the date is off, period.