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Men, to our detriment, are conditioned socially to squelch our feelings and display stoicism at all cost, anger as a fail safe, and sadness or despair only in the comfort of our own heads. Or Animal, but really, do I have to make that part clear? And maybe we’ve forgotten what part of it to value. In most cases, women can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation that includes emotion where men can not or will not. It is a rare gift and advantage that society has granted them. For the ladies and gents in the back not paying attention, IT IS NOT OK TO FORCE YOURSELF LITERALLY, EMOTIONALLY OR METAPHYSICALLY ON ANOTHER PERSON.A nonlinear visual novel is just a fancy way of saying 'choose your own adventure'. Each decision you make could make or break the narrative to your whim.Blackgate is a mature visual novel of a mostly M/M nature.

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After living the tragedy of their childhood, you'll play as either Tristan or Cooper--otter twins--as they return to Blue Haven, a city that holds the answers to the dark pockets of their past. By definition, I’m pretty much getting into that “middle-aged” category. When faced with the potential for possible vulnerability, we deflect, joke and deny. Our culture, while viewing sex in puritanical ways, has itself become hyper-sexualized.