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The museum was love-themed for the occasion, with lectures about dating and exhibits of ancient dildos, contraptions that resembled medieval torture devices.

After perusing the historic sex toys with growing horror, we wandered into a lecture where a woman was sharing the pros and cons of various online dating sites.

If you live in a diverse generationally-mixed neighborhood, it might be hard to give that up to move to a retirement village.

Doesn’t “feel” right: If you’re still feeling healthy and active, it might just not feel “right” to you to move to a retirement village.

Rather than resting on his ears as normal glasses do, they clung to the sides of his head like a huge spider.

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Many women over 60 are reinventing retirement by working longer, dating new partners, traveling and retiring abroad, and otherwise living life with a new level of vitality and purpose.

(Some retirement communities also offer houses, duplexes or other living arrangements – there are many options depending on your preferences.) Save time on chores: Living in a retirement village will likely save you a lot of time on yard care, cleaning and home maintenance – leaving you more time to explore your other interests and hobbies.

Onsite skilled nursing care: Once you get to a point in life where you need medical care or nursing care, a retirement village has all of the resources and amenities right there outside your door.

There was no chitchat about the weather or hobbies.

Coffee turned into dinner, and we spent the entire evening discussing everything from religion to robotics, unearthing one surprising commonality after another.So in the “You should message me if — ” section, I wrote a paragraph about why someone should not message me.