Purpose of exclusivity dating

11-Aug-2020 09:57

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I think girls frequently misunderstand this and think exclusivity means they have a boyfriend.

It just means you are not allowed to have sex with anyone else.

Unless the guy agrees with you that you are both in a relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend, and that you can publicise this to friends and family of both of you, you are probably not in a 'relationship'.

You can have a relationship with as many people as you can juggle.

It is, usually, the time when intimacy is happening and both parties have decided to focus on each other and get to know each other on a deeper level.

It's very possible for two people to be friends with benefits and are not sleeping with anybody else.

It's also possible to have a relationship where the people involved are not exclusive.

It is not a commitment to a long-term relationship, it's about exploring that possibility.

Each party should understand that, if one or the other decides that after they've come to know the other one better that they aren't compatible for the long-term, that they will move on.Casual, seeing other people, not spending lots of time together is one type of relationship. In other words, relationship as a word covers a LOT of things.