Ramifications of cross cultural dating

26-Sep-2020 04:53

In a clinical situation, this may include appointment scheduling, payment, and questions for the clinician.In a feminine culture, these roles in clinical interactions may be more evenly split across the male and female members of a family, and emotional responses may be more clearly observed across both genders.The individualism-collectivism dimension may also influence an individual's perceptions of disability.

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In an individualist society, there is an expectation that individuals look after themselves and connections between individuals are loose; while in a collectivist society, individuals are integrated into strong, cohesive groups, which may often involve extended family.While human nature is inherited, culture is learned; however, individuals within all cultures vary based on differences, preferences, values, and experiences.Hofstede (2011) identifies cultural dimensions that are globally applicable and are reflected in all aspects of life, including family life, child-rearing practices, education, employment, and health care practices.Masculinity-femininity cultural dimension is addressed as a societal, not an individual's, characteristic and "refers to the distribution of values between the genders …" (Hofstede, 2011).

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A society is called when there is not a strong differentiation between the genders for emotional and social roles—both men and women should be modest and caring and both boys and girls may cry, but neither should fight.Clinicians often encounter questions about prognosis and outcome when working with both children and adults.