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On this show, we aren’t solving family problems; we’re creating them.”“In Episode 7, ‘Eulogy,’ the younger Hugh Crain (Henry Thomas) becomes obsessive about fixing the water damage throughout the house.

In order to get a handle on the situation, Hugh calls in an expert to take a look at the damage and debate the likelihood of rats being the culprit behind the scratching sounds in the walls (spoiler alert: it wasn’t rats). Why it was none other than Bachelor Nation producer Elan Gale.”Last month, Deadline reported that Gale “signed with WME for representation.” That’s William Morris Endeavor, Hollywood’s oldest talent agency.

Sidebar: What the fuck is everyone’s problem with the upcoming gay channel? , who owns the state-of-the-art Chelsea bar xl and does those eternal Roxy Saturdays—the focal point of many a mass exodus from the South.

It won’t add to alcoholism and domestic abuse, as one schmo said on Fox News. As you know, his Flatiron Entertainment now owns the legendary Limelight, which has been unexpectedly granted another gasp and even a liquor license, paving the way for some real-life animated action.

Randy Harrison (Justin) - Gay Gale Harold (Brian) - Closeted Michelle Clunie (Melanie) - Straight Thea Gill (Lindsay) - Bi Scott Lowell (Ted) Schmidt - Closeted Peter Paige (Emmett) - Gay Hal Sparks (Michael) - Straight Sharon Gless (Debbie) - Straight Robert Gant (Ben) - Gay Jack Wetherall (Vic) - Gay Dean Armstrong (Blake) - Gay Harris Allan (James) - Straight I have mixed opinions about Dean.

He did volunteer with that Gay youth group in Vancouver and did so publicly.

Kindly realize your creative beauty, distance yourself from prescriptions and , and buy yourself something nice.

As for sleazy behavior that I approve of, my fave feature on is the one that uses groupie dish to evaluate the penis sizes and sexual tastes of various heavy metal stars.

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So I don't know what game he is playing, he may just be desperate for work all of a sudden. There was a point when all of this weird fanfrau shit was getting tagged and banned like soaps and ponies and Anderfans. Let me correct something for YOU: Gale is bi, has been with both men and women. I used to know his boyfriend back in the day when Gale lived in SF, pre-Queer as Folk. I don't actually care if Scott's gay or straight (though less than 100% straight would be more interesting). Why do you bitches continue to insist that Gale was rarely seen with other women? That's a neat trick if he can be in Hawaii and Iowa on the same date. They are all atwitter about it there, debating whether it is true or not.Says Blair, “I’d like to see did that were positive, like push for club owners’ accountability to neighbors, but on the other hand, you can’t tie our hands behind our backs.” (Speak for yourself, hon.) Um, er, is Blair’s Limelight takeover just a nominal change to throw attention away from beleaguered ex-owner ? Moving on to the over-the-counter stuff, I know this is ancient history, but I can understand movie.