Regular expression for validating multiple email divine introductions dating

19-Oct-2020 12:48

The best thing I have found is this bool is Email = Regex. Ignore Case); public static Regex _regex = new Regex( @"^([a-z A-Z0-9_\-\.] )@((\

Open your Access or Excel file, then open VBA editor.

Now for your original question, I would recommend a preprocess stage where you split on reasonable delimiters (',' and ';'), trim whitespace (at least if dealing with user input) and validate each entry.

Here is a simple Program which does this for you without using the Regular Expression.

Depends on your version of Microsoft Office, there are different ways to open VBA code editor.

When VBA code editor is opened, on the menu bar across the top, click Tools - References...I have seen many comments saying that the expressions in question do not work for certain cases and that they are either too strict or too permissive.

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