Relationship dating woman too shy

07-Oct-2020 04:43

And shy people who actually manage to build up the confidence for once, and then get shut down, their mindset gets significantly worse The way it often works for shy guys is this; you are friends with a girl and the next thing you know a friendly coffee turns into a date.

At least that's the way it worked with my husband and I.;)But the shy guy can't make any female friends, because he is, well, too shy.

For people who are not in this situation it's difficult to understand, but I'm sure people will recognize this if they are in the same kind of situation.

When you're 20 and never had experienced those basic stuff like first girlfriend and first dates and kiss, it's affecting your life. And you really start to wonder what's wrong with you.

This really sucks and is affecting my life indeed on relational level. It just feels like a vicious circle that I can't manage to escape.

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Here's the thing: women you've just met don't know about your history or who you are as a person.

I was super shy all my pre-college life(My first kiss was the day before my 18th birthday) and only talked to girls if they talked to me first.

I was invited over by my friend to come watch a movie at this girls house.

And that's bad because it's affecting your self esteem.

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I'm not saying I have a very low self esteem, but it does surely affect it.

We hit it off from there and went out for about a year and a month before saying she wanted to go see other people.