Renaissance dating service

26-Sep-2020 22:47

Glen Jankowski, a psychology lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, says: “These apps increasingly form a big part of our lives beyond dating.Just because this occurs virtually doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be subject to the same standards of real life.” For that reason it’s important that the apps take a stand on intolerant behaviour.

“You run across these profiles that say ‘no Asians’ or ‘I’m not attracted to Asians’.Bumble’s Louise Troen acknowledges the problem, saying: “The online space is complicated, and people can say things they wouldn’t say in a bar because of the potential ramifications.” Safiya Umoja Noble, author of , a book detailing how search engines reinforce racism, says that the way we communicate online doesn’t help, and that in person there are more social conventions over who we choose to talk to, and how we choose to talk to them: “In these kinds of applications, there’s no space for that kind of empathy or self-regulation.” Jankowski agrees: “There are certain things some people would say on dating apps that they wouldn’t say in real life, like ‘black = block’ and ‘no gay Asians’.” However, Troen is clear: “Whenever someone says something like that, they know there is an army of people at Bumble who will take immediate and terminal action to make sure that user doesn’t have access to the platform.” Others are coming round to the same belief – albeit more slowly.Earlier this month, Grindr announced a “zero-tolerance” policy on racism and discrimination, threatening to ban users who use racist language.More than one in eight admitted they included text on their profile indicating they themselves discriminated on the basis of race.

We don’t accept “No blacks, no Irish” signs in real life any more, so why do we on platforms that are a major part of our dating lives, and are attempting to gain a foothold as a public forum?It is the age of William Shakepeare, John Milton, John Donne, and Katherine Philips.

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