Restart bind after updating zonefile

16-Aug-2020 20:05

restart bind after updating zonefile-38

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Ubuntu 16.04.1 contains both Tomcat 8 and a version of Free RDP that supports Session Selection Extension which will allow you to directly connect to the console of your Hyper-V guests!Up to this point I was using VNC which has worse performance than RDP and is more prone to disconnects, so I was quite happy with this Long story short, part 4 is about a fresh install on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS including instructions on how to setup a connection through RDP to a Guest VM on Hyper-V The installation of Guacamole is still largely unchanged.In part 1 of my series on Guacamole we learned how to install Guacamole on an Ubuntu machine.In part 2 of my series on Guacamole we learned how to further secure the machine running Guacamole.cp guacamole-0.9.9/var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/After we (re)start Guacd and Tomcat8 we should be good to go!service guacd start service tomcat8 restart So now that Guacamole is up and running, how to connect to the Guest VM? Logon to the Hyper-V server, open up an administrative Power Shell windows and type (replace with the Guest VM you are trying to connect to!Most proxies, including mod_proxy, will buffer all data sent over the connection, waiting until the connection is closed before sending that data to the client.

Now it's time to finish configuring Apache2 by adding Apache authentication and HTTPS.

As I own a VPS I used the VPS as a frontend proxy (connected through a VPN to my internal Guacamole server) but Apache2 can also run on the same machine as Guacamole.

If you want to use this guide in this scenario there is less configuration.

If the option flushpackets=on is not specified, Guacamole will not work. As AJP does not encrypt and it doesn't use authentication I enabled ufw on my Guacamole machine to only allow communication from the correct host.

restart bind after updating zonefile-57

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Don't forget to add exclusions for your SSH access before enabling it though!

In both scenarios I will be using AJP as a communication protocol between Tomcat7 and Apache2. First we need to install mod-proxy to allow Apache to act as a Frontend (proxy) to Tomcat7 apt-get install libapache2-mod-proxy-html 2.

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