Rules to dating your ex husband

12-Oct-2020 14:55

You’re fabulous just as you are and if somebody else can’t see that, it’s his loss.Besides, a relationship founded on lies and/or insincerities will quickly crumble.In the new millennium, finding someone to date isn’t nearly as tricky as mastering the art of dating.Between online dating, singles events, and the old-fashioned in-person meet and greet, it’s possible to date someone new on a regular basis.

How can you ensure that a first date, good or bad, is a learning experience rather than a missed opportunity?

If so, don’t be surprised if you’re attracting like-minded individuals or not attracting anyone at all.

This kind of negative thinking is both dangerous and defeating to your dating efforts.

Don’t: Be a critic Raise your hand if the following scenario sounds familiar: You’re on a date with someone new, and instead of being present and actively getting to know the person seated across from you at the coffeehouse/restaurant/cocktail lounge, you’re stuck in your own head judging your date. And if so, you may have walked away from what could have been a great date because your inner critic got the best of you.

While you may think your inner critic is merely pointing out relationship red flags, what it’s really doing is sabotaging your ability to get to know someone new, someone who a great guy if you gave yourself a chance to get to know him.

Do: Be clear AND realistic about what you want The most successful daters are those who not only know exactly what they want, but are realistic about themselves and what they’re looking for.