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This was an example of the parliamentary convention of “pairing,” where an absent member arranges for another member intending to vote the other way to abstain.After voting in favor of ending debate and bringing the process to a head on Friday, Sen.On October 6th, after a lot of uploading and eliminations, Lauren Kate released it officially on her You Tube channel.Lotus Entertainment distributes the movie, The plot follows Lucinda, a shy teenager who is sent to Sword and Cross reform school after she’s suspected of killing a boy named Trevor who Lucinda once had a crush in a fire.Most of the students are fallen angels on the side of good or evil.The protagonist finds herself in a love triangle with two students who have dark secrets of their own.

Since the Fallen series is a four part series, Disney made sure that they obtained rights to all four of the books in the deal.

Collins told reporters that she had still to make up her mind.