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While everyone waited for there to be some kind of drama, there wasn't.The issue between Cassper and Boity was 'time management' as the rapper's schedule didn't allow him to nurture their relationship.

In other words, for her, she wasn't taking the drugs just for the enjoyment, but to attempt to enable a dysfunctional relationship. And further, what was Ryk's motive in using drugs with Amanda Beard (if indeed he did)?Ryk Neethling and Sahar Biniaz: Just weeks before they were set to have their fairytale wedding, Ryk Neethling and his Canadian fiancé, Sahar called it quits.Sources close to the former lovebirds told Tshisa LIVE that Sahar who had moved to Cape Town to be with Ryk and moved back to Canada shortly after the split.This speaks of some serious problems in a relationship, beyond the ordinary. Cutting oneself to escape the pain sounds like something very messed up that Beard couldn't put her finger on. "I was trying to figure out how to live in a bad relationship." That statement also suggests that something was going on in the relationship that she couldn't figure out.

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Possibly a deception, possibly her own insecurities, but perhaps not.They began a volatile relationship that lasted through the 2004 Athens Olympics.