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This also goes to show that he always sees the good side of even the worst possible scenario and are likely to stay with you through thick and thin.

Guys of this sort often do not complain and may even convert unwanted scenarios into something that is could generate better results.

Sticking with this type of guy will also provoke you to think positively despite darker skies.

For most guys especially immature and not so good ones often have great difficulty admitting to themselves much more to the girls they are dating that they are wrong.

But those who seem to deliver their opinions about different things, whether positive much more if it is negative, in a respectful way can also carry on with decision-making in a very light but logical manner.

He puts weight and thinks through before speaking his mind and thus it may connote that he is actually taking into consideration careful thoughts before actually uttering them.

It may also be an indication that this type of person is more of level-headed in terms of handling stress and even very anger-igniting situations.

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He will always encourage you no matter how discouraging you may look at the situation.

Majority often succumb to their pride and do not want the same to be bruised.

But if the guy you are dating is really good you will likely hear him acknowledge and admit readily whenever he is at fault.

Add up to your consideration if you have been included to some extent in his list of priorities.

A very good way to identify whether or not you are dating a good man is to determine his level of independence.The more clean the space he is staying, the likely that person is mature enough to handle other important aspects of life including building a family.