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However, she says she couldn’t win without a partner (or in her case, Hatchet Face) so she picked “share”.

Nick’s monologue is a little more honest and a lot more winded.

Jamie says Chris wouldn’t have been a great father for Emily’s daughter Ricki. ” Chris Harrison asks the Lightening Rod for Controversy if he regrets his decisions, to which he responds, “No, it’s a game.” Blakeley points out that they [the former castmates] are the ones voting. but she is a bartender, so maybe Chris can give her a job and they can continue having sex in strange places. Hatchet Face says she wants to stick to her loyal game, so she votes for R&N. Turns out, all the remaining votes were for R&N anyway. Since Rachel already had it out with Michael, there was only one other person left to get that angry at. If both pick “keep”, neither of them gets the money; the rest of the cast gets to split it.

Chris says it’s unfortunate she feels that way because the only baggage he has is moving to Maryland. Chris Harrison lets the former castmates ask questions, and Hatchet Face wants to know why Rachel didn’t fight harder to bring her and Ed to the end. David appreciates Chris’s gamer-side but says Chris lacked remorse for what he’d done to Blakeley and Jamie. Word has it that he just packed up from Chicago to open a restaurant in Maryland. On to the voting, where only the most important people are allowed to speak: Michael gives Rachel (also Nick) a sympathy vote since she no longer gets to snuggle with his peen. What’s weird is that Reality Steve says Ed and some other formers Bachelor/ette alums, including Graham, are backing Chris’s restaurant, so who knows? David appreciated Chris’s playa style, so he gives Chris & Sarah (C&S) a vote. Lindzi votes for R&N because she and Rachel used to split a carton of Reds during Ben’s season. If one picks “keep” and the other picks “share”, then the one who picks “keep” gets to keep all the money.

Chris Harrison asks if there’s still animosity and she says she’s still angry and their friendship has never been the same.

Hatchet Face claims she was the “Puppetmaster”, controlling the game, and I would tend to agree.

At first, it looked she was gonna say “Are you kidding me? I can’t marry you after a month of hand-holding during reality show clip time.” But in the end, she said yes, and now she gets a lifetime of cable. An hour in, the final two couples come out: Matthew Mc Conaughey and his partner—the future Marlboro spokeswoman—and Gerard Butler and his whore.Throughout the course of the finale, Chris Harrison takes a look back, and each time I fast-forward.