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Initial distance was 40.5" front 42.5" back Measure distance between inside of rear wheel on the scooter and the inner edge of the board Measure the distance from the inside of the front wheel on the scooter to the inner edge of the board The difference in distance is the toe-in. It rides really strange, it will take some getting used to. This is the bracket after adjustment, now the sidecar tube is higher than the scooter tube. Lean-out after adjustment, the scooter now sits with a slight lean-in.

Since the lean was too much I decided to re-adjust the bracket and toe-in. Lift the sidecar up, this will cause the scooter tube to rotate. Since the bracket was causing the brake lever to not seat properly, I decided to modify the bracket. t=120859Bracket with tape showing where the bracket needs to be ground off.

On to the tour information, I am hitting the road with my trunk show for Itty-Bitty Toys!

I have loads of stops all the way through March, 2010 but today I am just sharing the events through December, 2009.

I will continue to update my schedule as the months go by.

I have put up my schedule on the top of my blog sidebar so you can quickly see if I am coming to your city/town/yarn shop/bookstore. December 12, 2009am-pm Stitcher's Crossing Mineral Pt. Madison, WI 53705 meet & greet, trunk show and book signing know the spots are very limited so contact them right away if you are interested in joining me. Thank you to Artisan for sending me in person to all of these wonderful locations.

Many of you met Jaime Harder Caldwell on my last book tour.

She is a fun talent and she has started her own blog which is wonderful.

This is the amount of lean I had initially, It was too much lean-out. Be careful with this, I ground a bit from the brake lever and hit the scooter body Bracket is "modified", now I need to get a different bolt. Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Let me start today by sharing this generous review from my former book publicist, Jaime.2010/06 網路應用: 目前最簡單的Face Book分享語法,就是平台左上方的連結方式,不需要Script不用改來改去的,每個頁面都一樣就可以了! 技術開發: 完成之前寫一半的模組 W_Advance Array Table, IBM賣一百多萬的記憶體管理模式(新增刪除數萬筆已排序之資料皆在一瞬間) 應用開發: Dbf TS 加入新的Top成員 Pats Top (PATSystem API行情) 2010/5 技術開發: Packet Event System 支援 Big-Endian/Little-Endian 的系統判斷並相容 (圖例) 資訊內容: 中國期貨即時數據 2010/4 頁面新增: 應用程式/資訊架構 - Com Stock資訊應用 頁面新增: 程式設計/資訊架構 - Packet Event Client設計範例 應用開發: Dbf TS 加入新的Top成員 CS_Top (Com Stock DDF行情) 應用開發: Dbf TS 加入新的Top成員 Ftdc Top (中國期貨行情), 可進行多點單一代表號下單 2010/3 應用開發: Dbf TS 釋出 Dbf TC API 供程式設計開發運用, 簡單易用!

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

I will drag my entire trunk show from the book with me (or as much as I can squeeze into my suitcase) to share with you.

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