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28-Nov-2019 00:58

Dim str Computer As String Dim obj WMIService As Object Dim col Drives As Object Dim obj Drive As Object Dim i As Integer 'In case of error... ", vb Information, "Finished" Else Msg Box "Information from " & i - 4 & " USB drives was successfully retrieved!In the past, we have seen several code examples on how to write WMI-related scripts in VBA, such as for setting the default Windows printer, getting battery information, registering a COM DLL, retrieving a MAC address, and many others. The interesting part of this case study was the WMI class that had to be used. Screen Updating = True 'Inform the user about the error. @zechn Hi, this is a bug in the product, not the documentation correct? I inherited this repo only recently and am slogging through the backlog.Let me know if there's a topic you suggest I update. If the content of A1 is "introduce", I want Excel to play an audio file named introduce.m4a when (say) a button in B1 is pressed.

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Save your workbook as "Excel macro-enabled workbook".When querying for all the objects that belong to the particular class, a WHERE clause is used to restrict the search on USB drives only (WHERE Interface Type=’USB’). For Each obj Drive In col Drives With This Workbook.