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This was done in the hopes of creating a more vibrant dating scene and of allowing singles to have more options to interact with others of different educational levels.

A census conducted in 1980 revealed that a large number of highly educated women were still unmarried, despite being above 40 years of age.

Despite the promising numbers reported by SDU, statistics at the national level do not mirror the trends within the SDU.

According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, there was only a slight increase in marriages from 22,561 in year 2000 to 22,992 in year 2005.

According to the government, non-graduates did not seem to have any difficulty in finding partners.

However, the Social Development Service (SDS) was set up a year after the SDU to promote marriages among non-graduates.

Over the first 2 decades since the SDU was first set up, SDU reported that more than 33,000 members were married (This includes many young Singaporeans who would have got married irrespective of SDU being in existence or not).

In fact, for those aged 30–34, the proportion remaining single had increased significantly between 20, as more people chose to delay marriage.

In 2005, among citizens aged 30–34, the proportion that was single was 37 per cent for males and 26 per cent for females.

Prior to the founding of the SDU, a Great Marriage Debate had been raging.

During a speech made at the National Day rally in 1983, then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew alleged that the phenomenon of graduates remaining single would result in a projected loss of about 400 talented people per year.Other responsibilities of the SDN include providing the necessary infrastructure and support for the dating industry, as well as to ensure the professionalism of dating agencies through an accreditation council that was formed in 2007.