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26-Aug-2020 11:30

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However, the destination may require documentation. So, check the state and province requirements of your destination by either asking your veterinary to research for you or going to the state’s animal importation rules.

Some airlines have their own forms and can be submitted online or via email, whereas other airlines outline what you need to provide in the documents.

If you’re late checking in and the only seats available are the restricted seats, then the agent may not allow you to bring your cat if the agent at the airport is having a bad day and refuses to swap your seat with someone else’s.

For instance, Alaska Airlines advises that in the summer, you should choose early morning or late evening flights. If the city of departure or destination has extreme temperatures, then airlines may refuse to accept your pet on the day of.

Check out Alternatively, you can book your ticket online and within 24 hours, call the airline reservation line and notify them that you will be taking your cat with you on the plane.The fear is usually the anticipation of uncertainty because you don’t know what to expect.