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These she described as 'headhunted', and she regarded them as a significant asset.They might not necessarily be wealthy or successful: not all her members were looking for money, so her pool included people who were interesting but not necessarily rich.Before she did so, she carried out some online research. Its first members were clients of Ms Ambrose's counselling practice, for whom she started matchmaking.

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It seems that Mr Thomas took over from her as managing director in 2011, but left the company in 2016 to live with his partner in Sweden.In the event, Ms Lacob was content to refer to them by their initials. She has three children from her previous marriages. It was important to her that her partner should lead a 'wealthy lifestyle', and that he should be 'open to travelling internationally'.On no view was there any need for the trial to take place in private. She lives in Lennox Gardens, between Chelsea and Knightsbridge. For that reason, it would also have been appealing to her that he should have 'multiple residences'. The way in which she expressed her criteria in her Re-Amended Particulars of Claim (RAPC, para.As I understand it, the senior management roles are now performed by Georgina Barnett, who is head of membership, and Lorraine Donovan, who is head of operations, and manages the matchmakers. Ms Ambrose's evidence was that the agency currently employs 10 staff and 19 freelance consultants round the world.

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All of the full time staff worked on matchmaking, including Mr Thomas, when he was managing director.It appears to have been for that reason that none of them gave evidence. The court heard a great deal about a number of men whose details, or 'profiles', were either supplied to Ms Burki or, on the agency's case, were available to be supplied to her as potential matches.