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Technology has streamlined fashion design in the quick view possibilities of construction and material choice for garments.

In addition, styles have changed allowing pockets for electronic devices in many more garments.

Assumptions: * reliable channels messages are eventually delivered to their intended recipients, even in the face of router failure Failure Detectors- can do either by querying a process to see if it is still responding- or, a local failure detector can report when a node has failed- failure detectors can be unreliable/imperfect: they report a process is either suspect or unsuspected of failure.

Some of the main actions that one can perform are :- Appearance and theme : customize the looks of the system. Network and Internet connections : manage the network and related settings Add and remove programs Sound speech and audio…

Parallel Port is one in which the entire data byte is transferred at once unlike bit by bit data transfer by a serial port. it teaches kids how you can make tools and use them for all kinds of things.

Internet addresses of computers are currently covered by Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), which has a 32 bit address space. Then you could have only 2 different addresses - address 0 and address 1.

But if you had 2 bit long addresses, you get 4 possible addresses - 00, 01, 10, 11. Size of the partition depends on the data to be stored .

it works simply by sending a message to a process and waiting a… The power from the mains enters through the input terminals.