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We are espe- cially grateful to The New Jersey Association of Teachers of Social Studies for their encouragement in the prepara- tion of this volume and for their support in sponsoring it.IRENE FUHLBRUEGGE, State Director VIOLA HUTCH INSON ) A c T-, Assistant state Directors OAMUEL EPSTEIN FOREWORD The most interesting and charming pamphlets written and distributed by the Federal Writers' Project in New Jersey during the years 1936, 19 were wel- comed so enthusiastically by the schools and libraries of our State that The New Jersey Association of Teachers of the Social Studies moved to promote publication in a more permanent form.The service was designed to stimulate the interest of New Jersey school children in the affairs of the State and to supply the schools with data, not otherwise available, to supplement the curriculum of the social study courses.There has been no attempt to follow a particular course of study or to deal with any one period or activity.The iron mined in the nearby hills was converted at the Ringwood forges into munitions and field equipment for Washington's army, and the plant continued in opera- tion long after modern methods of smelting and forging had carried iron manufacture to other regions.Until 1931 Ringwood was the center of an active community.

The first issue of 3,000 copies was sent to those school principals who had indicated an interest in the service.

I 'I/ pa 5tories Of Jersey ITS SIGNIFICANT PLACES, PEOPLE AND ACTIVITIES Compiled and Written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Admin- istration for the State of New Jersey Profusely Illustrated M.