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— When a writer is coming from a place of cultural difference, there are always choices to be made about how to finesse the difference even when, as in the matter I’m about to address, I think the distance is not great. Photo credit: Steve Russell Buying a car will always be a big deal to me.

It’s easy to write from the outside looking in, because the backstory slides in slicker than goose grease. The two material things I wanted when I escaped rural Oklahoma (formerly the Muscogee Creek Nation) were a place to live with lights and plumbing built in and a car that always started. I had no car, but I was car-crazy, like most teens of the day, on or off reservations.

All the reservations in Oklahoma save one — the Osage — were made to disappear with Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

The Osage had enough oil to buy enough Congresscritters to keep their mineral rights, if not their surface rights, as a collective holding rather than what happened to the rest of us.

The rural people aspired to move to the cities where there was more money and more excitement.

As quickly as Indians were able to get their allotments out of trust status, they sold out to the speculators who were waiting like so many crows on the fence.

The powwow circuit got to be a thing even among tribes like mine that did not powwow.

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My closest friendships are from the military and from the civil rights movement, for similar reasons. The movement project that took up the most space in my life was the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, although they were UFWOC when I first saddled up for the fight.Of course, there are also competitions involving traditional dances — grass, buffalo, eagle, hoop, gourd — of which there are many but they are limited by geography and the circuit has gone national. The traditional dance for my people is the stomp dance. Travel along the powwow circuit was often by vehicles that had one wheel in the boneyard and looked like it, affectionately (when running) known as “rez cars.” Did you ever notice the brand distribution of rez cars?

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