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Leslie Eiam, 33, pastor of toe First Baptist Qjurch. I opened it and there were the children—black-haired and blue eyed.” He said they were wrapped In a red flowered tablecloth. erly Stanleyville) aald govern- spearheaded by had; UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The secretary of stale spoke I Secretary of State Dean Rusk * reporters after a 4'4-hour . comes, would be the major issue at the November national conference to Ottawa. A doctor at the hospital said they had been born about one hdur before they were discovered. Rusk Urges Leadership Issue Vl Mf’14 MADRID (UPI) — Former Uttvla Congolese premier Moise Tshombe warned Saturday his __ country would erupt in racial m' _ strife if white mercenaries kill ^ I IY1 l“h r e b e l Uous Kantengese gen- VJdllll J darmes. Even as Tshombe spoke re¬ ports from the Katangese stronghold of Kisangani (form- Camp said the P. (The Canadian Press reported that toe first part of the resolution expressed apprecla- tlan for Mf. In aril defence every¬ one in Canton la now buying aa many of Mao's books aa he can. and more, a so NOTHING hers of the group was winning; distinctive sound. and the battle of the band* at| "That's what we are really th P y Th e y packing their bags, with no jobs Ibi Bd * * * up, no dates, no bookings. lender for nmuf el years la between was Haas Graber, bow living ia .eastern Canada. Thai compoai- «mn teas cnmmiesioned enfieci-- ally ha- toe Victoria orchenfrs end will be played in February aa punt at toe orchentrs centen¬ nial program. ER 1XM ANGELES — “You got as good a chance against pip." said Minnesota Fats, sinking ball afte r ball into the six pockets, “as you’d have goin' to'Viet Nam with a BB gun and cominl hack. The last money game I had was two years ago with four eg the beat players in the country. No faith is required for conscious mind to becqme consciousness. 886-6181 PETER P0LLEH FORD YATES AT COOK , 884-1144 PUBLIC MEETING at 8 p.m. Red Guards on the streets at toe souttaern metropo Na of Can¬ ton were stopping pesser-by and dauudhg that toey prove their knowledge of the sacred thought of Mao Tae-ttaig by zecittog extracts. Below, present conductor Otto-Werner M ae Aer Until hair ge awry ** lie rehearses preneat group iu University School for ferth- romlag seasea. For toe first tone toe-nym- phmy will p erf um t a brand-new Canadian work. BOX OFFICE I’M BOX OFFICE «: M NIGHTLY EVERY TICKET HOLDER GUARANTEED A SEAT i HEHsnsr DIANE CILENTO CMUMCOPI -Ca Wh CXL— CHARLES IIILLIM. In the act of transcending, one activates the powerful levels of the mind below the conscious thinking level of the mind—this brings to conscious awareness, more energy, more intelligence, more happiness and better health. NOT HYPNOSIS, not concentration, not contemplation. Deep Meditation is an inno¬ cent march of the mind from the conscious level to the great well of energy within, for it takes you to the source of thought itself—to pure intelligence, pure aware¬ ness. Brought to You by Ford of Canada and Your Local Ford and Metcury Dealers Msharishi in Person SUBURBAN MOTORS DOUGLAS AT SAANICH ; RD. The storm sank four ships in Tokyo Bay, one of them a tanker with 21 crewmen aboard. National police officials said 282 other persons were missing and 2,168 injured as Ida cut a path of death and destruction across Honshu Island, Japan's largest and most populous. death tod mi etg Moked to Winda and water deotooysd hundreds of homes and (breed evacuation of another 30.000 officials aald. Marine guards and em- *,r i It , av ptoyea at toe U. embassy 1001 ™™ *' yards away stood by alto fire 1 Typhoon pa “ n «! ipg paper floated onto toe l miles an hour, blacking out y grou . “ Shin, nil: recorted high and h Wednesd H|gha 65 S low at Victoria 62 and 52^Tc, to 75 ^ 45 to 55 pyedpiu- ...

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If that failed he would try to have them ad¬ mitted to the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home m a St. Camp stod after his scheduled speech to toe meet¬ ing, he made a second address dealing with toe leadership question. pti Ky leadership, president of the national Pro¬ gressive Conservative organiza¬ tion told the Colorist by te4e- Phpne His awn view is that leader¬ ship of the party should be questioned and decided. Russia Aims Rockets At Pacific Target MOSCOW (AP)—Soviet booster rocket* will be fired Into the Pacific Ocean about 1,800 miles east of Tokyo from Monday through Oct. The target is a circle with a'radius of 46 miles centred about 2,075 miles northwest of Honolulu. Lewis Waif, commander of parley at Gromyko's uptown U. The children were reported In "perfect condition" Sat¬ urday at the Ripley County Hospital. “The feeing of toe meeting iwlinrmed to my own view on toe weary Tories "have a feeding there ment troops, should be a reassessment of toe white mercenaries leaders!

When Huma Abedin, aide to Hilary Clinton, married Anthony Weiner, New York Congressman, it sent tongues wagging in the Muslim community. The question that makes even the most open-minded Imams squirm was revived – Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man? Fadl’s response echoes the sentiments I have heard from other scholars as well.… continue reading »

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In general, there’s a stigma that a younger woman dates an older man because he’s more powerful and can essentially take care of her.… continue reading »

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