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19-Oct-2019 23:13

[Read: How to decode a guy’s body language] #12 He likes to impress you. Now, this one is tricky as most guys like to do this whether they become attached or not. However, if he’s emotionally attracted to you, he shows off his intelligence and loyalty. As long as a girl is attractive to a man, he will often see her as girlfriend material…

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You keep that on the down low and rarely do people know that you’re sleeping together. But now, he’s meeting your friends, hanging out with you guys. Not just about sex, you both actually talk about deep things. When someone is interested in you, they want to listen to you, to see how your brain functions and what you think about. But he actually doesn’t expect sex at the end of the hangout, nor does he make a move.

Shy women usually don’t have the same problems that shy guys do.

I talked about this in my video on social anxiety and dating.

The only difference is how they show their emotions. In the beginning, it was strictly sex and maybe some cuddling.

[Read: The reasons and signs behind emotional connections] How to tell he’s getting attached When I was younger, I thought a friends with benefits relationship would be a great idea. Now, he calls you to catch a movie or some ice cream.

If he never touches you in public, he may not be developing feelings.