Single and fed up dating online

08-Dec-2019 22:11

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There are many reasons for this can include classic fights between the battle of the sexes.

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For women that think this about men, men are tired of hearing this things and putting up with it so it is no surprise that men continue to leave women. Single men are giving up on women because they are tired of being thought of as a man-child. It is true that men take longer to mature and for men’s brain to develop compared to women’s, but that is not why women call men this.

Even if men may be smart and tech-savvy and have great jobs for today but lack social skills so they fall into the “never had a girlfriend stigma’, women will still most likely call them losers. Single men are giving up on women because they are tired of women believing that they need to rescue men from themselves.

Once single men start dating a woman, and later marry a woman, women think that it is their job to rescue their man from whatever they think is wrong with them. Men can only do their manly things in the “man cave” once they get into the relationship and partner stage.

If men are friends with women who believes this about men, they will likely not remain friends for long because it is detrimental to their friendship.

These types of thoughts, values, and statements hurt men yet it is perfectly acceptable for women to say things like this while if men did something similar, they would be called sexist or a misogynist.

Single men have given up on women because they have decided that women are not worth their time to try to develop any type of relationship with. Women have not been willing to get to know a guy as a friend.

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