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“ As a parent and digital citizen, Pankaj is a seasoned marketing leader with a track record of building well known global brands.

He believes in understanding human problems and gets excited about launching products that help us overcome genuine problems.

“ Privacy gives us an Sergey is a passionate technologist who has worked with technology teams across multiple product lines.

He is driven by a desire to build products that are simple to use and that leverage latest technology tools to solve consumer pain points.

Although I have seriously thought about offering a fully turn-key version of the i Gaging DRO controller, I couldn't get the numbers to pensil out: the cost of making a custom injection molded enclosure is ridiculously high, and 3D printed enclosures take too much time and I couldn't find a way to make it scale.

Meanwhile, I knew that Al at has been selling fully enclosed Arduino Touch DRO controllers.

But here we are in a world where we’re expected to give up our privacy. And let’s regain control and enjoy privacy the way it should be.

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Over the years I have come to realize that behind the numbers and financial data lie real people and lives.

He previously led global consumer marketing for Mc Afee.