Speed dating in townsville

19-Oct-2019 09:07

PSNQ creates opportunities for members both professionally and personally!

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From countless networking and experiences, I have identified a market need for people who are professionally like-minded, socially-like minded and have similar values both personally and professionally.

I founded Professional Singles Network (Qld), to host high quality events, fun retreats and elegant dinners, to connect people with opportunities to form valuable business or personal relationships in a safe professional environment.

😄😄😄 Coming Soon Professional Social Network........ A network to transfer to when you are not single anymore 😄 Members do not want to leave 😂 We are going to need many more local venue partners with all these hosted events 😱 If you know of anyone looking for more clients let us know.

#supportlocal #psnq #networking #events #diverse Professional Singles Network has created many valuable relationships.

The science of human interaction tells us that the impact on your brain and body is vastly different depending on your choice.

https://com.au/ Did you know your membership fees get you access to FREE regular events at various local venues for members only 🙋‍♀️🙎‍♂️ #nibblessupplied #memberssupplied #venuesupplied #hostsupplied #psnq #connections #fun #social #business Join a network where you are introduced & welcomed in a closed members area first.

Both incredibly worthwhile charities who contribute greatly to our local region.After joining PSN in 2017 as most of her circle of friends were couples.