Speed dating planning

19-Oct-2019 15:23

The non confrontational person in me dreads a scenario where if you weren't feeling it but the other was and they came up to you after asking for a date 😐 but maybe there's stuff to prevent this. I think there are more single women, but just because there's more women doesn't mean that there are some women who are not going to be overlooked by men and visa versa. The venue requires a good bit of planning, but would it be worth it if only 8 people showed?I'd be down if it's not too far from metro, and doesn't start until after 7 on a weekday. or at least the ones I've seen advertised i.e. I'm 30F and would definitely not go to an event if I knew they let in 40 yo men to prey on young people, ugh.Disclaimer: I say this as someone who only uses free apps and has success at getting ghosted.

I felt bad when we told them we couldn’t do it anymore (although they didn’t tell us they were coming every week for 3 months.

Our Chicago speed dating events can feature up to 15 other singles or even more!!!

Now is the time to make your own love story as we have witnessed so many firsthand.

Was DC Fray event actually structured or was it HH free for all style?

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I was looking at City Swoon events and what was appealing was it was structured in that there were designated "stations" for dates then round robin where people cycle through then you could use the app to connect with someone so it was kinda a hybrid online IRL approach. Nothing against overweight or obese people, it's just not what I'm into. Then again, I think it helps to be smart, well-educated, fit, outgoing, and good looking. Oh, and tall (or does that fit into being good-looking? All kidding aside: Some of the potential struggles would be getting the traction needed to get something fun/interesting going.A number of people left the event halfway through, to boot.