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28-Mar-2020 17:06

Sometimes those chosen books will be the love of your life. Sometimes, once you're done you toss it to the side and look for something new. Some will hold a special place in your heart long after they are gone.

It either works out and there is that undeniable passion or you close that chapter and move on.

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Give some thought to your design, especially anything “above the fold” (anything you can see without scrolling). No matter what blog platform you use, there are plenty of free themes you can use out of the box and even more themes you can use if you’re willing to spend a little money.If you try to be too general and appeal to everyone, you’ll only be boring, which is a good way to ensure you never get that “second date.” You will lose some readers this way. If you’re boring or talking about topics that don’t interest me, I’m probably not going to want that second date.