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23-Dec-2019 15:52

They might want to take more time with the third movie, but we just don't know one way or the other yet.Holland, Jon Favreau has been in both Spider-Man movies as Happy Hogan and his blossoming relationship with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) means he'll probably be back too, but the rest of the cast isn't as clear-cut.Moviegoers are eager to meet Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio in the upcoming sequel, and the fandom will be happy to know that the movie's release has been moved up.Three days specifically, meaning went from being released on a Friday to a Tuesday, but it makes sense if you sit down with a calendar.This, in part, is what makes the whole creation so brilliant, the scene is lovingly subtle, while totally on-the-nose at the same time. But, thankfully, we’ve all now gotten a taste of what it would be like to be neighbors with Jillikinz SEA and her awesome family!Do all of Jillikinz SEA’s neighbors get the reference?

To get those Spidey senses tingling, here's everything you need to know about Holland's third outing as the high-flying hero…Filming hasn't even started yet, so we're a long way off from a release date.

will finally arrive in a matter of days, ending Phase Three and the MCU as we know it.

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