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01-Nov-2019 07:01

Note that this is only applicable for a few shopping carts like os Commerce and Zen Cart.

If this is not enabled for your selected cart then you can safely ignore this option.

You may want to have all retail orders prefixed with R- and all wholesale Orders prefixed with W- (R-1001, R-1002, W-20045, W-20046 and so on)Accept phone orders for this store : Check this box if you want to enter phone orders in T-HUB for this store.

This feature is supported in T-HUB Pro and advanced editions.

DAZzle application should be installed on the same computer as T-HUB application.If you do not have Endicia DAZzle software installed, please contact Endicia to get a copy of the software Select each order in list and verify the shipping address, service method and weight information. has to be changed on this screen and cannot be changed inside Dazzle in next step.Click on the Print button on the list of addresses screen shown from DAZzle. If you want to print test labels without debiting your Endicia account, you can click on the Test Print button.You can check this box to let T-HUB create unique codes for products with options. If a product code is 1001 and it comes in Red color and size 10, then T-HUB will create a new unique code as 1001-Red-10.

If this option is not checked then T-HUB will post orders with red shirt and a blue shirt with the same product code of 1001.Customer and Orders : This panel manages your daily orders from different online stores.