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I think that turned out to be a very important strategy that influenced the trajectory of the studio greatly.

That is personally interesting to me because Ryan and I are working out of our apartment right now after going out on our own full-time in January.

Austria native, Stefan Sagmeister formed the New York-based Sagmeister Inc.

in 1993 and has designed for clients as diverse as The Rolling Stones, HBO, and the Guggenheim.

I reluctantly put the work and home situation together.

Because of that, we introduced some clear rules from the very beginning: we stopped work at 7pm, unless there was a real catastrophe, and we didn’t work on the weekends.

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I worked under the mantle of a large advertising agency and opened a design studio for them.How long did you work out of your apartment before you moved into a studio space? We stayed there for 15 years, even though that wasn’t my intent.We’ve only been in our current space about five years now.Through that, I learned everything there is about running a design studio; we worked for some of the agency’s very large clients and some of our own, much smaller clients within that construct.

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Then I came back to New York, worked for my hero, Tibor Kalman, for half a year, and opened my own studio.I thought design was the thing I wanted to do, and it was clear to me when I opened the studio that I had to find a structure that was sustainable for a long time.