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The actors play sibling rivals who have been at odds since the death of their firefighter father years earlier.Robert De Niro is the veteran fire inspector who is tracking a series of mysterious and deadly arsons, and Donald Sutherland is effectively creepy as the former arsonist who understands the criminal psychology of pyromaniacs."--Marshall Fine" Languages: English, French, Spanish Subtitles: English, French, Spanish Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Summary: In the mid-1980s, standup comic Rodney Dangerfield underwent a renewed wave of popularity, finding a surprisingly enthusiastic baby-boomer audience."--Marshall Fine" Languages: English, French Subtitles: Spanish Sound: Dolby Summary: Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis topped his breakaway hit "Romancing the Stone" with "Back to the Future", a joyous comedy with a dazzling hook: what would it be like to meet your parents in their youth?Director Zemeckis successfully blends exciting special effects with the traditions of a Western and comes up with something original and fun.

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What else to do but make a movie that shows off Dangerfield's alternately knowing and boorish humor?The goggle-eyed comic veteran displays surprising charm, enough to make his romance with professor Sally Kellerman believable.Look for cameos by late comedian Sam Kinison and author Kurt Vonnegut Jr.), the film comes off as a "Twilight Zone" episode written by Preston Sturges.

Filled with memorable effects and two wonderfully off-key, perfectly cast performances: Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist who builds the time machine (a De Lorean luxury car) and Crispin Glover as Marty's geeky dad.

It's well worth a visit, though, just to appreciate the imagination that went into it, particularly in a finale that has Marty watching his own actions from the first film.