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30-May-2020 03:37

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But they can also be politicians, Wall Street traders, CEOs, business owners, lawyers, police, soldiers, housewives, doctors, teachers, priests, contractors, therapists, or social workers. Getting Revenge Sociopaths who are also high-conflict people (HCPs) can be especially dangerous.

They can be extremely smart, like serial killer Ted Bundy, or extremely not smart. HCPs are preoccupied with blaming others, have all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions that drive their behavior and engage in extreme behavior that 90 percent of people would never do.

In my posts and my books, I want to warn you about dangerous personalities, let you know how to identify them quickly, and share what to do if you have to deal with them.

Then, when the child was 2, he killed the child as his punishment for her affair and for wanting independence from his control.

In one case, a wife had an affair and apparently was thinking of leaving her sociopathic husband.

He was furious, so he decided to pour on the charm to keep her in the marriage.

In at least one case, the teenage daughter fell in love with her abuser because he was so persuasive.

Finally, she helped put him in jail, so that no one else would go through what she did. They may cook up lucrative schemes as a business owner.They may use one person’s credit card to buy flowers for another. And don’t ever ask me.” Or they may quickly lose interest in you, but keep you hanging on with a few words of love, so that they can still have sex with you, borrow money from you (which won’t be returned) and maintain access to your house or car.