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If you continue to have difficulties during our available hours of service, call our Individual tax enquiries.You will need information from your personal income tax return for one of the two most recent tax years.You cannot use the CRA login services to access information for deceased persons. See Contact us for the addresses and telephone and fax numbers of our tax services offices and tax centres.This could mean that your browser's software doesn't meet the security standards.It is important that you have a copy of this tax return on hand in order to enter the amount that is required.If the amount that you calculated is negative, enter the value with a minus sign (e.g., enter negative 200 as "-200"). When entering the amount, do not use commas, spaces, periods or cents. To register you will need to provide information from your personal income tax return from one of the two most recent tax years.For more information, call our Individual tax enquiries.

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Although we will always do our best to get certificates issued in the shortest amount of time possible, and certificates are generally issued in less than an hour, we do urge all of our clients to request their certificates as far in advance of when the certificates are actually needed as is at all possible.

There are exceptions to every rule, as well as unforeseen circumstances, both on our part and on the part of a client, that could delay the issuance of a certificate for a period of several days.

In very extreme cases, there may be an even greater delay while certain issues are resolved prior to the issuance of your certificates.

This varying dollar amount requested will be from a line on your filed and assessed income tax and benefit return.

Your tax return for either of these two years must have been filed and assessed for you to register.

Because most of the verification work is done on our end, getting your organization verified is probably going to be easier than you might think.