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20-Dec-2019 12:05

Because we like to make our lives *so* simple and easy, we began dating right after high school graduation – just days before he left for his summer internship in D. and the summer before we both headed off to separate colleges in separate states.

Four years later, after racking up hundreds of Southwest Airlines miles to see each other on weekends, spending three summers in separate cities, and two study abroad semesters that resulted in us not seeing each other for six months, we both moved to New York City.

This week marks one year that my boyfriend and I have been dating long-distance, so Brent and Graham’s story is extra special to me today!

While I love reliving each real wedding we post through the pictures, the stories from the couple make the photos even more meaningful!

Today’s flavors number thirty, and include varieties like Concord Grape Jelly, Sweet Orange Marmalade, Rhubarb-Strawberry Preserves, Cranberry Conserve, and Damson Plum Jam.

Brent and Graham have the sweetest dating story, so be sure to read the story of how they met and how long they dated long-distance below. ) I’m positive I could learn a thing or two from this sweet couple on how to thrive in a long-distance relationship.

No amount of rain or chilly September air could hide the joy on their faces or the celebration in the air as you scroll through the photos below!

The mint had been abundant that year, and they wanted to put it to good use.

Their homemade jelly was sent down the hill to be sold at the Porter’s Lodge. Soon the brothers experimented with other varieties of fruit and wine jellies, jams and preserves.

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