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11-Jan-2020 01:39

The Information’s Alex Heath and Jon Victor also reported yesterday that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project would launch later this month.[Update 6/18/19: As we reported, Facebook unveiled its blockchain project on June 18th.Facebook is working with various countries to pre-approve the rollout of the stablecoin.Usage: Facebook’s cryptocurrency will be transferrable with zero fees via Facebook products including Messenger and Whats App.One source says Facebook is targeting a 2020 formal launch of the cryptocurrency The debut of Libra or whatever Facebook decides to call it could unlock a new era of commerce and payments for the social network.It could be used to offer low or no-fee payments between friends or remittance of earnings to familys from migrant workers abroad who are often gouged by money transfer services.

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“She told me that she wasn’t involved in what David Marcus’ [Facebook Blockchain] team was doing.It’s asking companies to pay million to operate a node that can validate transactions made with its cryptocurrency in exchange for a say in governance of the token.It’s possible that node operators could benefit financially too.But that I’d have to wait until June 18 when a whitepaper was supposed to be published to get more details.” She told him she thought the date was already a publicly known fact, which it wasn’t.

Then, yesterday Tech Crunch received a request for a June 18th news embargo from one of the communications managers for Facebook’s blockchain team.It will only be visible to non-friends who also opted into dating. And because it has more data on you than any other app, it could deliver more relevant matches. [Update: Facebook launched Dating in its first market Colombia on September 20th.

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