Templatefield not updating

04-Apr-2020 09:42

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Matt Berseth wrote a very interesting article on “Bulk Inserting Data Using the List View Control".The idea is to give the user an Excel like interface where they can edit the rows with custom data and finally click the update button to persist the data in the database.I want to update the value of the textbox using an outside button(a button in the same page, but outside the gridview), can anyone show/tell me how to do that?Grid View1 is the ID of the grid View, here is the template Field: I think the problem is that the templatefield has a textbox and a button, please correct me if I am wrong.See the code implementation for Row Updating event. We have now covered both Design Time and Run Time binding of Controls, particulary for Dropdown control inside a C1Template Field.Download the attached sample for complete implementation.For a change, C1Combo Box has been used in this blog unlike Drop Down List used in the previous one.

I am creating a webpage using asp.net, I have Grid View with columns set as databound except 1 template field, within the template field is a textbox and a button.

Thought the Update Mothod property has been defined in the Object Data Source, how do you notify the Object Data Source to call the update method? However, I find only two two-way data-binding expressions defined in the Grid View.

In general, we set the Auto Generate Edii Button property on the Grid View to true so that we can make advantages of the automatically generated buttons.

When I click edit, the items appear for editing in a texbox but the new values are not reflecting in the rowupdating.

I tried inspecting it through browser also and even then it is fetching old values. In this event, we have to add the Selected Value of C1Combo Box in the new Values collection of the eventargs.

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