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We see this acutely demonstrated in the events she describes..Lewis described how Arthur and his friend ‘were on the edge of their seats with the excitement of it all, for not only did they become familiar with all the arguments, they also got to know all the big names in science at that time—William Ramsay, Ernest Rutherford, Frederick Soddy and Robert Strutt’ (p. Watching exchange influenced Holmes to take up the sport.Holmes began his career at a most interesting time, as Lewis describes.For forty years Lord Kelvin had completely demolished all opposition.In a game, the score is determined, not by impersonal scientific meas­urement, but by the strength, skill and creativity of the players.The rules of play are not laws of nature, but arbitrarily agreed by the players, and sometimes changed during play.The evolutionary biologists such as Charles Darwin and T. Darwin was particularly dissatisfied, describing Kelvin as his ‘sorest trouble’ (p. He refers to Lord Kelvin as an “odious spectre”, and in a letter [of 1869] …

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The numbers quoted for the age of the earth (or the age of the dinosaurs or the age of a volcano) are the outworking of personal beliefs, made to look authoritative by much technical equipment and complicated calculations. For a start, it agreed with similar calculations of the age of the sun by Hermann von Helmholtz (1821–1894).

The Bible says the earth was originally covered with water; Kelvin said it was a molten blob.