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Gladwell has been included in the Time 100 Most Influential People list and touted as one of Foreign Policy's Top Global Thinkers. To make an accurate prediction about something as serious as the future of a marriage-indeed, to make a prediction of any sort-it seems that we would have to gather a lot of information and in as many different contexts as possible.The Theory of Thin Slices: How a Little Bit of Knowledge Goes a Long Way Some years ago, a young couple came to the University of Washington to visit the laboratory of a psychologist named John Gottman. But John Gottman has proven that we don't have to do that at all.Why do some people follow their instincts and win, while others end up stumbling into error?How do our brains really work-in the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom?In his landmark bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell redefined how we understand the world around us.Now, in Blink, he revolutionizes the way we understand the world within.The answer is that when our unconscious engages in thin-slicing, what we are doing is an automated, accelerated unconscious version of what Gottman does with his videotapes and equations. If we listened closely, Tabares pointed out, it was clear that Bill was being very defensive.

Gottman may seem to be an odd example in a book about the thoughts and decisions that bubble up from our unconscious. His work is a classic example of conscious and deliberate thinking.And why are the best decisions often those that are impossible to explain to others?In Blink we meet the psychologist who has learned to predict whether a marriage will last, based on a few minutes of observing a couple; the tennis coach who knows when a player will double-fault before the racket even makes contact with the ball; the antiquities experts who recognize a fake at a glance.Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren't as simple as they seem.

Why are some people brilliant decision makers, while others are consistently inept?

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of five New York Times bestsellers: The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath. Can we tell if their relationship is healthy or unhealthy? Sometimes they feel as though they could almost kill each other, but then they go on vacation and come back sounding like newlyweds.

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