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This answer will only refer to the four major courts within Pima County.

Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment may be issued by any court in the State of Arizona.Responses to requests submitted by mail will be forwarded directly to the consulate, not the requestor.Research for visa letter requests is limited to a search of the Sheriff's Department's original records for the past 10 years.Individuals requiring background or criminal history information may obtain a Sheriff’s Certificate of Immigration Letter from: Please note the certificate will only include information reference Pima County Sheriff’s Department contacts.

Other background and criminal history checks may be obtained from each individual agency or contact: Visa letters providing date, charge and disposition of felony convictions are prepared for requesting adults for the purpose of international travel only.

An inmate must be in custody for 24 hours or have made their first court appearance before visitation privileges are authorized. I., Drag Racing, Reckless Driving, or Driving on a Suspended License, you must appear in Court on the appearance date listed on the complaint and go before a Judge.

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