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26-Apr-2020 15:26

So skip the material items and focus on experiences, instead!

Pick a destination you’ve both dreamed of visiting, call Grandma and Grandpa to watch their grandkids (whether human, furry, or plants), and get out of town.

Frame maps showing where you met, had your first date, or first said “I love you.” Better yet, go back to that restaurant or bar to celebrate! This might be all you exchange, or it could be the card that accompanies the gift, but take every moment you have on your wedding day to tell your soon-to-be spouse why you love them and can’t wait to get married!

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It doesn’t matter which number anniversary – be it your one year anniversary or your twenty-five year anniversary, recognizing and celebrating the milestone is important for a relationship.Studies show that doing something new together and having adventures with your partner can really serve to keep the love alive, so plan an amazing experience that you’ll be reminiscing about until your next milestone gifting opportunity arrives.

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