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A complete curriculum on the typographic arts structured as a workbook. A complete history of typography in a 5 minute paper-letter animation. Identify a font by answering a series of questions.

A Wikipedia article about the origins of Western typography. A nice overview of everyday typographic challenges. Displays font usage data from the top one million websites.

The “Daily Double” type is likely a modification of Square 721, Bitstream’s version of Eurostile.

My own typography course that was over a year in the making. French type foundry established by Matthieu Salvaggio in 2016. Berlin-based type foundry established by Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody in 1990. Athens, Georgia-based type foundry established by Mattox Shuler in 2013. Font Squirrel’s new font identification tool—features a slick and smooth interface, however, the font library it pulls from is somewhat limited.

The program fills more screen and airtime with type than any other TV show in the US, and the effectiveness of that type is crucial to the success of the game. The iconic title we know today first premiered in 1984 and is likely derived from a phototype face known as Anonymous, perhaps the same source as Annual, one of URW ’s many digitizations from the film font era.

The game board has undergone various changes over the last few decades but the relatively unsophisticated style has remained essentially the same.

Everything is available for both desktop and web use (with unlimited pageviews). Another Monotype-owned property with a big selection of fonts.

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Practice your kerning and see how you compare to experts.Since the 1980s, the board’s categories and dollar levels have used different widths of Swiss 911, Bitstream’s version of Helvetica.