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24-Oct-2020 01:24

So, what would you look for when seeking a legitimate Ukrainian dating site?

Before we start, let’s just spell out the biggest problem in Ukrainian dating: Pay-per-content scams.

I guess I got out mostly unscathed, with the reporter obviously fishing for a certain types of comments: Asking me what I thought about AFA’s stating that any old guy would be a dream come true for any young pretty girl from Ukraine.

When I responded it was not true, the reporter asked why would they say so, to which I responded, “I have no idea”.

I was used as a pawn, naively agreeing to give an interview under a false pretence.

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Or maybe, to buy a ,000 tour to Ukraine through them (that’s without airplane tickets).

Legitimate portals for singles allow you to exchange direct contact details and move away at any time.