Updating autostar controller

17-Aug-2020 08:04

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NOTE: Only the RS232 port next to the HBX port can be used for upgrading the handbox. 3.5x adds a "Real-Time" Mode for the Autostar II, and an enhanced Tour compiler for support with future handbox upgrades.Several Autostar updater bugs were also resolved with this update.Version 5.9 - from Meade's site (08/17/11) 09/18/09 Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Version 5.9. This version is compatible with all versions of Auto Star II, #497 and #494 Auto Star computer controllers.(2/16/02) Client Application (04/08/13) Auto Star III Version 1.x (12/06/09) ROM Version 5.x (02/11/11) ROM Version 4.x (02/03/09) ROM Version 3.x (09/27/05) ROM Version 2.x ROM Version 1.x Version 5.9.3 - from Meade's site (04/08/13) 08/06/11 NEW AUTOSTAR UPDATER SOFTWARE NOW AVAILABLE.

VERSION 5.9.3 Auto Star Updater version 5.9.3 adds support for the new Audio Star hand controller.There is no handbox firmware included in this self-extracting executable, but once the Autostar Update program is launched, the latest firmware for your type of Autostar can be automatically retrieved from this web site, if you have an active internet connection.