Updating data in a linked table

09-Feb-2020 11:21

It sounds like the login you used in the System DSN to connect to SQL Server does not have INSERT permissions on the table. When the box is not checked, I can still edit the data.Are you able to review the permissions to check that? However, as soon as I check the box to activate the filter, I can no longer insert/update/delete. So in my case, the problem is due to the filter, which is implemented via a VBA query involving both an outer join and a union.

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Top of Page You must first find a record before you can edit or delete it.

Forms can contain any number of controls such as lists, text boxes, and buttons.

In turn, each of the controls on the form either reads data from or writes data to an underlying table field.

(And if so, how do I achieve this as I've been at this now for hours and hours and cannot figure it out). You note that you can update values when you click on the linked table and view the rows. And if you cannot, then open up the table using SQL Management Studio and try adding rows that way?

If you don’t have correct (or any) settings in SQL server that sets up or increments the primary key, then you can’t add rows (automatic in this context).There are several ways to update data in an Access database.

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