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Writeline ("Enter the Rate of interest") R = console.readline() Console.Writeline ("Enter the Number of years") N = console.readline() Int= P * N * R / 100 Console. Write Line(y0 - y) m = datepart("M", s) d = datepart("D", s) System. Write("Zodiac: ") Select Case m Case 1 If d = 65 Then a = s(i) j = asc(a) 32 a = Convert.Net Imports System Module m Delegate Sub delmy(By Val s As String) Sub main() Dim del As delmy del = Address Of dis del.invoke("This is by Delegates") End Sub Sub dis(By Val str As String) console.writeline(str) End Sub End Module 2.9 Write a program to demonstrate inheritance and interfaces in VB .The API consists of a few, easy to use, methods: giving you access to more advanced features, such as mapping a region of the file directly into memory for faster access, locking a region of the file, or reading and writing bytes from an absolute location without affecting the channel's current position.The following code snippet opens a file for both reading and writing by using one of the .Writeline ("THE NUMBER IS A PRIME NUMBER") End Sub End Module 2.7 Write a program to give example of method overloading.

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