Updating firefox on eee pc

25-Aug-2020 10:55

Change the Lin DVD startup-script /opt/lindvd/lindvd to: (added parts are in red) SLART is a little tool collecion for audio files.

It's core component is Partyman, a double-deck-like audio player.

without being forced to the F9-Boot-Restore routine if something goes wrong.

Every change done will be lost on reset or shutdown.

For a standard user, Chrome would be just perfect, being the fastest and most reliable.

For a power-user migrating from a laptop/desktop, Firefox is still probably the best solution as it has all those customization options.

There's no need to submit a comment twice, just be patient till I get to it. It is done without any elf tools, just by a simple binary search and replace. It works for me, as I just watched a You Tube Clip with a patched plugin on my Eee PC 901 running Asus/Xandros Linux.flash10patcher-0.2bz2 (Size: 4954; Date: 2008-11-29, CET) The Lin DVD software included with my Eee PCs had dropouts when playing a DVD.These were caused by other software that ran in the background.

Renicing the main playing process solved this problem.Here you'll get everything you need, to install it on your Eee PC.