Updating insignia blu ray player

02-Nov-2020 02:11

What this means is that users can connect an external device that has an HDMI output (cable/satellite box, media streamer, etc...) and takes advantage of both the internal video and audio processing capabilities (including HDMI-to-analog audio conversion) of the 203.

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OPPO's decision to not include this capability, was, instead, to emphasize the best audio and video quality possible.

If you don't mind skipping the bells and whistles, then the Samsung BD-J5100 is a great option for a basic Blu-ray player at a less expensive price point.

It plays back 1080p HD video (via HDMI cable) and can upscale existing DVD content with Samsung’s resolution upscaling feature so older DVDs look and play better.

Since most TVs now provide access to abundant streaming content, and, with the HDMI input, you can connect a media streamer of your choice, OPPO felt that providing internet streaming capability on the UDP-203 would be redundant.

If you are looking for a high-end Ultra HD Blu-ray player that is also fully compatible with your current Blu-ray, DVD, and CD library, and don't mind a slight inconvenience on the internet streaming end, then definitely consider the OPPO Digital UDP-203.1080p upscaling is also provided DVD playback when connected to a 1080p TV.